Saddle Pressure Mapping

Saddle discomfort is one of the most common bike fit complaints & it’s easy to see why - it’s one of the most important contact points on a bike. Get it right & you will experience a huge improvement in overall comfort & performance.

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Gebiomized Saddle Pressure Mapping in Manchester & Cheshire

We are always on the search for the latest technology to improve our bike fitting services. So that’s why we decided to invest in the Gebiomized saddle pressure technology. Gebiomized are industry experts in pressure mapping devices for cycling analysis.

You might be thinking how this tool helps with finding the right saddle? The Gebiomized pressure mat sits on top of the saddle & connects to their software to provide real-time pressure readings.

Being able to instantly see the pressure you are putting through a saddle is a game changer when optimising your bike fit. It also takes away all the guesswork with selecting appropriate saddles to test. The pressure mat can quickly identify areas of higher pressure that might correlate to saddle discomfort you are currently experiencing. This could be saddle sores or high amounts of soft tissue pressure. The pressure mat also allows us to measure your sit bone diameter which helps to select an appropriate saddle width.

Small adjustments in your bike fit or saddle set up can often lead to big changes in saddle pressure. Having a tool that can provide instant analysis helps direct positional changes. The pressure mat can track those changes throughout a session, providing clarity in certain areas of your bike fit such as saddle height, reach & saddle set up. The tool can also analyse pelvic stability which is an important consideration for power production.

Of course, a tool is only as good as the person using it. Matt was one of the first bike fitters in the U.K. to use Gebiomized saddle pressure mapping technology with Cyclefit. The data we can collect with a saddle pressure mat is unparalleled, but rider feedback is still at the core of what we do. It’s a balance between the two that produces the results.

Saddle range

Our carefully selected range of saddles ensures that we find the right shape & design for you. Our current saddle range offers options from Selle Italia, Selle San Marco, PRO, Prologo & Gebiomized.

Book a saddle pressure mapping session

Gebiomized Saddle Pressure Mapping

Velo Edge, Alderley Edge, Cheshire.

£150 / 90 minutes

This session is completed on your bicycle. Matt will test different saddles & adjust the set up to optimise saddle pressure.

It’s important to note that this session is not a bike fitting. It doesn’t include any on-the-bike analysis with our motion capture technology. If you are experiencing high amounts of saddle discomfort, then we highly recommend that you consider booking the Ultimate Fit with a pressure mapping add-on.

Ideally you would have seen a professional bike fitter prior to this session to ensure your fit is optimal. All test saddles are available to purchase on completion of the session.

Matt Hallam Bike Fitter

The Ultimate Bike Fit with Gebiomized Saddle Pressure Mapping

Velo Edge, Alderley Edge, Cheshire.

£300 / 2 1/2 hours

This session is completed on the Purely Custom jig and includes on-the-bike analysis with our motion capture technology.

The pressure mapping technology is used throughout the jig assessment. This is our preferred combination & produces the best results.