The smart way to buy your next bike

Find out how having a bike fit first can give you peace of mind with your next bike purchase.

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Not sure what size bike to buy?

We appreciate that buying a new bike can be a challenging process. You might be questioning frame size, component choice & if the bike aligns to your riding goals. Online sizing charts can be a potential minefield with basic bike fit information usually led by rider height.

Your new bike might be a substantial investment & taking a punt just isn’t an option. That is why the Ultimate Bike Fit prior to purchase is the smart way to go.

Our Purely Custom bike fit jig offers complete freedom when achieving your perfect bike fit. We can test handlebar width, crank length & saddles to find an optimal combination for the new bike. The fitting jig also offers an opportunity to micro-adjust reach, bar drop, saddle height & setback all whilst you are riding. There are no limitations when using a fitting jig, it's a game changer for this type of service.

A professional opinion on hard to read online sizing data.

We have in-depth understanding of frame sizing across multiple bike brands. Our goal is to make your purchase process as easy as possible by tackling the main question that most clients have.

What size bike do I need? The Ultimate Bike Fit is the key to this, by using metrics from the fitting jig we can identify bikes that will align against the optimal fit data. Taking all the guesswork out of the purchase process.

Safety in the knowledge that when your new bike arrives it will be the right size.

Whether you are purchasing a bike from a store or via an online distributor, it is very useful to have an understanding around optimal bike size and component choice before committing to a purchase.

  • What size cranks are best for me?
  • What size handlebar do I need?
  • What saddle should I specify on the bike build?

You should have complete confidence in the purchasing process rather than questioning key aspects of the bike setup.

The optimal fit data will provide you with the guidance you need when looking to buy a new bike. You might also be questioning whether the stock components on a bike are right for you. We can test all the components prior to the purchase to find the right combination for you. The result is a bike that fits you perfectly from the first ride out.

Making sure you purchase the right frameset geometry to match your riding goals.

We will be able to quickly identify what frameset geometries will be best suited against the final jig position. This gives you clarity around what models will work for you with different bike brands.

Take the BMC road range for example, you have the thoroughbred aero race bike with the Timemachine, the lightweight climbing bike with the Teammachine & the pure endurance bike with the Roadmachine. Each bike has a different frameset geometry.

We can demonstrate the difference in frameset geometries on the Purely Custom jig, that way you are able to test the various geometries before committing to a purchase.

No bike? No problem.

Before you buy a bike start the process with the Ultimate Bike Fit. You don't even need to have a bike to make use of this service. We hold stock of most pedal systems so you just need to bring cycling shoes & kit. The Purely Custom fitting jig takes care of the rest.

Buying a bike via an online retailer can be an expensive punt.

Using height or inseam as a reference for online sizing charts can be an expensive punt. Clients with long legs & a short torso might find that their sizing metrics suggest a bike that is too big. Clients with short legs & a long torso might find that their sizing metrics suggest a bike that is too small. We come in all shapes & sizes. Your new bike should fit perfectly, we can make sure there are no compromises.

Make sure your first ride is a good one.

Drop your new bike off at the fit studio for a position-matching session. We can set the bike up to the optimal fit data so that you maximise the performance of your new purchase. Sessions are £45 & take around 30 minutes to complete.

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Whether it's road, TT, gravel or track we have you covered. Sidas Custom cycling insoles are now available at Velo Edge for unparalleled riding comfort.
Matt Hallam Bike Fitter

The Ultimate Bike Fit with Matt Hallam

Velo Edge, Alderley Edge, Cheshire.


Matt Hallam Time Trial Bike Fit

The Ultimate TT Fit with Matt Hallam

Velo Edge, Alderley Edge, Cheshire.


Matt Hallam Bike Fitter

Follow Up Fitting with Matt Hallam

Velo Edge, Alderley Edge, Cheshire.


Follow up fittings are for existing bike fit clients only. We suggest booking in for a follow up 12-18 months after your original session. This might be fast tracked if you have purchased a new bike.

Matt Hallam Custom Insoles

Sidas Custom Cycling Insoles

Velo Edge, Alderley Edge, Cheshire.


Position Matching

Velo Edge, Alderley Edge, Cheshire.

£45 /45 minutes

This session is for existing bike fit clients only. We will use the optimal fit data on file to position-match a bike. Please book a secondary session if you require the set up of more than one bike. On-the-bike assessment is not included with this session. Please book a follow up if you are experiencing any pain when cycling.