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You can now experience a professional bike fitting from 3 exclusive locations in the UK.

The Crimson Performance Fit Centres are located at Rapha Manchester, Push Cartel and York Cycleworks.

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Our menu of services is simple… 

The Ultimate Fit (£200) encompasses everything a bike fit should be. 

Clients who book in for the Ultimate Fit can experience a science-lead, evidenced-based and client-focused service. This comprehensive bike fit follows a protocol that has been designed by head fitter, Matt Hallam to deliver maximum results for the client. Matt has distilled the Crimson Performance fit protocol down to its purest form, which pulls expertise from physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, biomechanists and industry leaders in bike fit. Innovation is at the forefront of Crimson Performance, this flows into the Ultimate Fit protocol, we don’t follow trends, we don't rely on technology for answers and we have a no-nonsense policy. We provide exceptional customer service, we follow our own fit protocol, we use technology as a tool to help quantify positional changes and we work around an evidence-based approach to optimising a rider’s bike fit.

The Ultimate Fit includes:

Bike Fitting Interview to Know Goals and Road Map

1. Interview - The interview is a chance to build your bike fit road map. Your goals, current on-the-bike problems, injury history and physical conditioning are all considered when optimizing your bike position. We like to be thorough with the interview. Understanding what you want to get out of the session is our starting point.

Bike Fit Rider Screening Assessment

2. Rider Screening Assessment - Your bike fit is unique to you. The rider screening assessment is the data collection phase of our bike fit. We gather metrics from your full kinetic chain. The screening provides an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding around your physiological asymmetries and/or limitations which may affect your bike fit. Range of movement data helps us identify what ranges you can work within on the bike. As a result, our fit protocol can actively lower injury risk, reduce muscular fatigue and improve the activation of all the big lower limb muscle groups.

Bike Cycling Position Analysis

3. 360° Dartfish ProSuite Video Capture - The possibilities are limitless with the Dartfish ProSuite software. It is the perfect tool for analysing your bike position. Both Matt & Ryan are trained to use all the features of the ProSuite software, your fitting will be informative, visual and educational. We can record a full 360° video of you riding, this allows us to instantly analyse your bike position from multiple angles. At the end of your fitting you will receive stills from the ProSuite software showing how your fit has evolved throughout the session. 

Bike Fit Biomechanical Analysis

4. Biomechanical Analysis - Using Dartfish ProSuite we can analyse your bike position frame by frame. During an Ultimate Fit we will biomechanically analyse up to 8 key positions. We will talk you through the footage, explaining what each of the key positions mean and what changes need to be made to optimise your fit. We carefully consider each positional change we make, our goal is to achieve an optimal position which facilitates your progression but also makes you feel more comfortable. Comfort is always the precursor to performance. You will spend up to 75 minutes riding during an Ultimate Fit.

Bike Fit Foot Control and Cleat Assessment

5. Foot Control and Cleat Assessment - We are big about feet! Afterall, when we ride all the power we produce goes directly through our feet. We look at your foot mechanics during pre-screening, from here we can identify if you need any supportive footbeds or insoles to potentially improve your foot control on the bike. During the on-the-bike assessment we invest time dialling in your cleat position, we also have the capacity to use external and internal wedging if your feet need specific support. Sidas custom footbeds are available from York Cycleworks.

Bike Fitting & Position Matching Service

6. Ready to ride! With thousands of happy cyclists enjoying the benefits of our fit service we are confident that you will too. You cannot out-train a poor bike fit and the investment made to optimize your bike position can unlock huge performance and comfort gains. You will receive a client file after the fitting, this contains all the data collected during the Ultimate Fit, you can use the fit data to set any additional bikes up. We also offer a position matching service at £30 per bike. 

Additional Info:

How long does the fitting last?

2 - 2:30hrs. 

What kit do I need to bring with me?

Please bring your bike(s) (clean please), shoes and a set of cycling kit and/or bibs and base layer.

All additional components are chargeable.

£50 deposit required to confirm your booking. The remaining balance is settled after the session via a POS machine. 

Meet The Crimson Performance Fitters:

Performance Bike Fitting Technicians

Matt Hallam (Head Crimson Performance Fit Technician)

Matt Hallam has been fitting professionally for over 6 years. During this time, he has worked for some of the biggest bike fitting businesses in Europe, most recently at Trek where he managed the Precision Fit operations in the UK. Matt is currently IBFI level 3 certified, he joins less than 15 UK fitters currently trained to this industry approved level. Matt has been at the forefront of bike fitting for the past 3 years, working with the latest bike fit technology and refining protocols to deliver a gold-standard bike fit. He has worked with a huge spectrum of cyclists, from World Tour professionals to complete beginner cyclists. This experience ensures that you are in safe hands whatever level you ride at. Matt specialises in managing saddle discomfort and helping cyclists who have a more complex injury history. In recent years he has developed specialist expertise in time trial fitting and biomechanical optimisation for power production. Matt is a resident fitter at both Rapha Manchester and Push Cartel. Outside of the fit studio, Matt is a keen road and criterium racer, he holds a 1st cat race licence and is looking forward to a full season of Premier Calendar racing in 2019.

Racing Bike Fitting UK

Ryan Manders (Crimson Performance Fit Technician)

Ryan has been working in the cycling industry since he left University. He first met Matt Hallam when the pair both worked at Cyclefit Manchester, it was during this time that Ryan started to hone his skills and expertise in bike fitting. Ryan was recently working with Rapha Travel before taking a resident fitting role at York Cycleworks. Ryan has been professionally fitting for over 3 years and has started to develop an excellent reputation in Yorkshire for professional bike fitting. Ryan can cater for cyclists of all ability levels and experience. If you find your bike uncomfortable or want to reap the performance rewards of a professional fitting, then he can provide the solutions you are looking for. Ryan has access to a fully stocked fit studio packed with the latest technology including a Purely Custom adjustable fit jig, Gebiomized saddle pressure mapping and a Sidas custom footbed machine. It’s safe to say that the studio at York Cycleworks is a bike fitters dream, Ryan has the skills and experience to use this technology to help all improve all aspects of your bike fit. Outside of the fit studio, Ryan is a keen CX rider having competed in the 3 Peaks race on 3 occasions, he is also an active road racer and currently holds a 2nd cat race licence.

Biker Assesment for Improvement


Manon Lloyd (GB Track Cyclist)

I had been riding professionally for 3 years without ever having a proper bike fit. Matt was recommended to me by a friend that had also had a successful bike fit with him. Matt chatted with me and suggested lots of little changes we could make to make me faster and more comfortable on the bike. Matt looked into all the smallest details to ensure I had the best bike fit possible. I instantly felt a lot better on my bike and could really see a difference in my performance at races. I would highly recommend Matt's bike fitting service to anyone from beginners to elite athletes looking for marginal gains.

Elliot Harrison

I first went to Matt for a bike fit to try and resolve some recurring niggles that had been holding me back for a while. It became apparent very quickly that I was in good hands. After a thorough assessment both on and off the bike, several changes were made to my bike position. I could instantly feel the difference. After a few weeks of riding the niggles I had been struggling with were long gone and there was a definite improvement in both comfort and power output. I have since been back to Matt for a follow-up and will continue do so. Best in the business for sure!