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Ultimate Bike Fit

What happens during a bike fit?

step 1

The Interview

The interview is a chance to build your bike fit road map. Your goals, any current on-the-bike problems, injury history & physical conditioning are all considered before optimizing your bike position. Ensuring your bike fit session is unique to you.

Bike Fit Interview with Matt Hallam
Bike Fit Assesment
step 2

Rider Screening Assessment

We gather metrics from your full kinetic chain to develop a deeper understanding around your physiological asymmetries &/or limitations which may affect your bike fit. Range of movement data helps us identify what ranges you can work within on the bike.

step 3

Purely Custom Fitting Jig

The Purely Custom fitting jig provides ultimate freedom in the bike fit process. The jig is fully adjustable & allows us to test multiple components to achieve your perfect bike fit. We can also make positional adjustments whilst you are riding which allows you to feel all the changes real-time. If you are at the beginning of your cycling journey & don’t have a bike that’s no problem. We can use the jig to help with sizing for any new bike purchase.

Purely Custom Bike Fitting Jig
Dartfish 360 Video recording
step 4

Dartfish ProSuite Video Capture

We record footage of you cycling in 60fps which allows us to instantly analyse your bike position from multiple angles. At the end of your fitting you will receive images from the ProSuite software showing how your fit has evolved throughout the session. We will talk you through the footage, explaining what each of the key positions mean & what changes need to be made to optimise your fit.

step 5

Foot Control & Cleat Assessment

When we ride all the power we produce goes directly through our feet so improving foot control can make a huge difference to your riding. During the on-the-bike assessment we invest time dialling in your cleat position, using external & internal wedging if your feet need specific support.

Cycling Cleat setup as part of bike fit
Bike Fit setup service
step 6

Your Unique Bike Fit Measurements

You will receive a detailed fit report in the weeks after the session, this contains all the data collected during the Ultimate Fit. You can use the fit data to set any additional bikes up. We also offer a position-matching service at £45 per bike.

How much does the Ultimate Bike Fit cost?

Sessions start at £250 (exclusive of components)

10% discount available for active RCC members & affiliated clubs -
use the chat function to request the discount code
  • Over 2 hours analysing your fit

  • Dartfish slow motion video capture
  • Purely Custom adjustable bike fit jig
  • PDF fit report
  • Bike setup

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Whether it's road, TT, gravel or track we have you covered. Sidas Custom cycling insoles are now available at Velo Edge for unparalleled riding comfort.
Matt Hallam Bike Fitter

The Ultimate Bike Fit with Matt Hallam

Velo Edge, Alderley Edge, Cheshire.


Matt Hallam Time Trial Bike Fit

The Ultimate TT Fit with Matt Hallam

Velo Edge, Alderley Edge, Cheshire.


Matt Hallam Bike Fitter

Follow Up Fitting with Matt Hallam

Velo Edge, Alderley Edge, Cheshire.


Follow up fittings are for existing bike fit clients only. We suggest booking in for a follow up 12-18 months after your original session. This might be fast tracked if you have purchased a new bike.

Matt Hallam Custom Insoles

Sidas Custom Cycling Insoles

Velo Edge, Alderley Edge, Cheshire.


Position Matching

Velo Edge, Alderley Edge, Cheshire.

£45 /45 minutes

This session is for existing bike fit clients only. We will use the optimal fit data on file to position-match a bike. Please book a secondary session if you require the set up of more than one bike. On-the-bike assessment is not included with this session. Please book a follow up if you are experiencing any pain when cycling.

5 ⭐ Reviews on Google

Matt Johnson
I’ve had two fits with Matt now on different bikes. I used to suffer from cramp on long rides but can now ride 100+ miles in complete comfort. Thanks again Matt.
Arame Tall
I’ve had my first ever bike fit with Matt, four months after starting cycling. I went in quite sceptical as I was unsure what to expect, however, I can’t begin to thank every second that Matt shared with me.
Elinor Barker
Olympic Track Gold Medalist & World Champion
Matt has been integral to my career on the road in the last few years through finding me the perfect bike fit, minimising both injury and drag.
Isaac Peatfield
One session with Matt was all that was needed to eliminate knee pain that had been a recurring injury for a number of years. I am now riding pain free and feel much more powerful and comfortable on the bike just days after the fit.
Mark Hall
Highly recommend you go and visit Matt if you want a professional bike fit that will make a real difference to your riding!
Matthew Mardle
I had a fit with Matt recently and had issues with my feet that were going numb and becoming painful after just an hour. Thanks to the great work that Matt did for me the problem has gone, even on long and hot rides of more than 3.5hrs
Matt Holmes
Lotto Soudal
Matt gave me a bike fit before my first training camp with Lotto Soudal. I had to change bike, handle bars, saddle, pedals, levers, shoes all at once and I still managed to stay injury free!
Alex Dobrowski
I had knee pain in both knees before going to Matt. I thought that I would have the pain forever but Matt found the solution to completely remove the niggles. Also, my power when riding drastically increased in a matter of days after the fit. Definitely recommended.

About your fitter

Matt Hallam

Matt Hallam Bike Fitter
Matt has been fitting professionally for over 10 years. During this time, he has worked for some of the biggest bike fitting businesses in Europe, most recently at Trek where he managed the Precision Fit operations in the UK. He has worked with a huge spectrum of cyclists, from WorldTour professionals to complete beginner cyclists.

Matt specialises in managing saddle discomfort & helping cyclists who have a more complex injury history.

Matt is currently IBFI level 3 certified, joining less than 15 UK fitters currently trained to this industry approved level.