What do I need?
In short, a bike that has a power meter or a static bike that measures power.

Who can do the test?
Anyone who is fit, in good health and wants to improve. It doesn't matter what standard you are, the platform provides a scientific, easy-to-perform protocol that provides an insight into your current physiological and performance capabilities, as well as giving training zones to optimise your time in the saddle. From weekend warriors through to World Tour pros the platform has something to offer for all ability levels. 

What do you get when you subscribe to Crimson Performance?
1. A complete step-by-step guide of how to perform the Crimson Performance power profile test (this includes instructional PDF documents and testing videos).
2. Once you have performed the test, you simply punch in the numbers into 'Test Now' and you get an instant performance report that quantifies your maximum aerobic power, your sprinting ability and your anaerobic tank. You also get individualised training zones and interval power targets. 
3. A normalised comparison to how you stack up against the various standards from novice to World Tour pro and how you have changed from your last test and your personal best.
4. Identifies your strengths and weaknesses as well as a summary for potential race strategy.
5. The new training programme feature is accesible for annual subcriptions only. 

How are my training zones calculated in the training programme? 
The programme builder uses your most recent power profile data to calculate your training zones and power targets for each session. You will need to produce another training programme if you re-test. 

Am I signing up for a rolling subscription?
Yes. After subscribing you will automatically be listed for a rolling subcription. Payment will be processed either monthly or per annum via Stripe until a user manually cancels their subcritption. 

How do I cancel my subcription? 
You can cancel your subcription by clicking the 'Unsubcribe' link on the my profile section of your member dashboard. Subscription cancellations will go into effect at the end of your current billing cycle. You can use all the features of your Crimson Performance member dashboard until that date. By unsubscribing you will not be charged a recurring subscription payment at the end of your current billing cycle. You can re-subscribe at any time. Please refer to our terms & conditions for more information.

Isn't physiological lab testing expensive?
Yes. But this is a protocol that can be done at any time and at any place, making it significantly cheaper than a laboratory test. 

How do I set-up my cycling computer to record the test data? 
We have a Garmin set-up tutorial document in the 'Testing Instructions' page of the membership dashboard. These simple, step-by-step instructions are also relative for many of the other cycling computers available on the market such as, Wahoo, Lezyne etc. 

How often should I calibrate my power meter? 
Ideally before every training session or race. It is crucial that you calibrate your power meter before each of the 3 tests. This ensures that the power data recorded is as accurate as possible.

Should I attempt the tests during a less intense week of training? 
In short, yes. Treat the tests as you would do with a race. The fresher you are the more accurate and valid the results will be. 

How hard is the testing? 
We would be lying if we told you it's easy. It's a tough session, maximal testing is never going to be pretty! You will push yourself to the limit during the testing. 

How often should I perform the testing protocol? 
We suggest once every 6-8 weeks. 

Do you offer any support to help me understand the performance report? 
Yes, we have a section of the membership dashboard, which caters just for this. It’s called ‘Understanding Your Results’, this section provides a video with a full breakdown of the performance report by a Crimson Performance sports scientist.

Testing on a turbo trainer or out on the road? 
We advise performing the test on a turbo trainer or static bike, as this provides consistent and repeatable conditions. On a turbo trainer you can control the environment, you can keep a constant effort and you can focus entirely on the task at hand, without having to worry about your surroundings. Being stopped by a set of traffic lights 10 minutes into a 12 minute test is far from ideal!

Is this an FTP test?
No. An FTP test is simply performing a 20 min maximal effort, which predicts what is thought to be your average power output for 60 mins, as well as providing rough training zones. While FTP tests may have a place in the cycling world, to our knowledge they are not evidence-based nor do they give detailed information about your physiological capabilities (for example, your sprinting ability or your anaerobic capabilities).

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