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If you are going to commit time to testing, then make it count with Crimson Performance. Find out more by clicking the link above.


For just £4.99 a month you can access our innovative power profiling software. Interested? Why not try it out for a month!


Maximise your training time & enjoy the structure of a bespoke training programme for just £64.99 a year.

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What is Crimson Performance?

The smart way to profile your cycling performance.

At Crimson Performance, we want you to maximise the use of your power meter with the least amount of hassle and time. We provide a simple, do-it-yourself power profile test that quantifies ALL your performance physiology metrics. All you need is a power meter and it can all be done in as little as one training session. The test analyses your sprinting ability, your anaerobic capabilities and your maximum aerobic power. The Crimson Performance platform uses evidence-based calculations to analyse your test data and profiles what type of rider you really are. 

The FTP test just isn't good enough…. There is more to performance testing than riding as hard as you can for 20 minutes!

From a performance physiology perspective an FTP test doesn’t give the bigger picture. An FTP test JUST measures your sustained aerobic power. That’s it! Think of it as a snap shot into performance testing, an FTP doesn’t quantify your sprinting abilities or anaerobic capabilities. That’s two huge performance metrics that are missing and that’s where Crimson Performance comes in. The Crimson Performance testing protocol is built around 3 specific efforts and the total time spent performing these efforts is less than 20 minutes, making the test perfect for time-crunched cyclists.

Firstly, the testing is evidence-based and researched.

Secondly, it is simple to follow and easy-to-perform.

Finally, it knocks an FTP test out of the park in terms of providing you with a detailed insight into your performance physiology.

If you are going to commit time to testing, then make it count with Crimson Performance.

After you complete the test our performance calculator does all the data crunching for you. Each performance report is specific to your test data, the report is dynamic and tracks your previous results and your personal best. We provide a comprehensive breakdown of how to perform the testing protocol, this includes videos which can guide you through the full test as well as instructional PDF documents. Once you subscribe it’s access all areas!

Know Your Cycling Performance & Analysis

Cycling Performance Test

What does the performance report tell me?

The report quantifies your test data, providing you with a detailed insight into your performance physiology, as well as highlighting your cycling specific strengths and weaknesses. The report profiles your test data against different standards, allowing you to see where your numbers rank. We also provide you with a performance summary which highlights what rider type you are. We intend to give you the tools you need to manage your training effectively, without having to relying on a coach to interpret your power data for you. From accurate training zones to interval power targets we have developed a platform that will maximise your training time.

How much does this cost? 

Subscriptions start from as little as £4.99 per month or to put it into context, the price of two coffees at your favourite cafe stop!

Subscribing to Crimson Performance is quick and simple.

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