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Take complete control of your training with our new training programme builder.

It was a natural progression to develop a training programme feature on the website. We pooled feedback from our growing member base to develop an automated training programme feature which puts you firmly in the driving seat. We wanted to offer users a one-stop-shop for all their performance testing, power profiling and training needs. Our new training programme builder confidently completes this offering. 

The Crimson Performance training programme is designed for:

- Cyclists who use a power meter

- Cyclists who want the structure of a training programme without the financial commitment of a full-time coach

- Cyclists who are focused on improving all aspects of their performance physiology

- Cyclists of all ability levels. Our programme accomodates complete beginners up to seasoned professionals

Cyclists who have limited training time and competing priorities

Imagine if you could build your own training programme that allows YOU to call the shots. Our programme builder allows you to:

Manage Your Training Time with Our Cycling Program

- Successfully manage your training time and select how many days of the week you can commit to training

Cycling Training - Select How Many Weeks You Want Programme

- Select how many weeks you want your programme to last for (4-12 weeks)

Choose Cycling Training Program Start Date

- Choose a date that you want your programme to start

Block Specific Cycling Training Program Dates

- Block out dates that you cannot train due to work, family life, travel or holidays

Begin Cycling Training Plan in Few Clicks

- It's as simple as that. Your bespoke training programme is just a few clicks away

Access Your Saves Cycling Training Program Any Time

- The saved training progamme feature allows you to access your training plan any time, any place

Take charge of your training and get results fast with our database of extensively tested training sessions.

Our bank of training sessions have been developed by exercise physiologists & National level coaches. Each session has a specific time duration, training intensity and objective. Our library of sessions include workouts that last an hour, 2 hours and 3-4 hours. The programme builder pre-selects the session which matches against your available training time on a given day. This feature allows you to tailor your programme to accommodate your work and family life, giving you total control with how time intensive you want your training to be. 

A fresh start every time you build a new programme.

We wanted to avoid training repetition for users creating multiple programmes. With this in mind, we developed the programme builder to randomly search and select training sessions (by time duration) from our database. This means that every programme you create will be different from your last one. 

Maximise every minute you train! We really mean it.

The programme builder pre-selects your most recent power profile data, providing you with accurate training zones and power targets for each session. 

For just £64.99 a year you can access all areas.

That's all your training and performance testing needs under one roof!

Training And Performance Testing Program Under One Roof

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