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Go beyond the FTP test

From a performance physiology perspective an FTP test doesn’t give the bigger picture. An FTP test JUST measures your sustained aerobic power. That’s it! Think of it as a snapshot into performance testing, an FTP doesn’t quantify your sprinting abilities or anaerobic capabilities. That’s two huge performance metrics that are missing. The Crimson Performance testing protocol is built around 3 specific efforts and the total time spent performing these efforts is less than 20 minutes, making the test perfect for time-crunched cyclists.

The Crimson Performance testing knocks the FTP test out of the park in terms of providing you with a detailed insight into your performance physiology and even better it’s FREE to use. All you need is a power meter and you are ready to go.

Our free innovative performance testing software uses evidence-based calculations to analyse your power data and profiles what type of rider you really are. Our power testing protocol will assess your sprinting ability, your anaerobic capabilities and your maximum aerobic power. We will also provide you with training zones, a critical power curve and performance benchmarks. Move over FTP it's time to start training smart!

If you are going to commit time to testing, then make it count with Crimson Performance.
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